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Dec 9, 2013 12:00pm EST
and bonds. >> when you say low for longer, is that more a call on the economy or market or both? >> both. we think growth is going too slow for a longer time. we think the fed is going to keep monetary policy easy. short-term rates we think will remain where they are. longer term will budget up a bit. these are pretty high. we use a lot to choose out of that. we have a little bit more. we want to be a bit cautious for the longer-term right now. we want to make sure that people are using this diversification to understand that correlation may work against them. >> the rule next year will be a huge factor in how that plays out. we spoke with peter fisher as well. >> i think all over the world we see countries trying to make a handoff from monetary policy to fiscal policy. >> they would love to do that. >> they are trying to let go of the reins. they would like to not be the only game in town. that may be optimistic. i think we would like see fiscal policy pay a bigger role. they're trying to get a handoff to consumption of structural reform. central bankers are going to be important. they woul
Dec 5, 2013 12:00pm EST
. they will eliminate if they can. if the economy response, they will continue the policy rate for a long time. another man who knows a thing or two about the economy, a man who actually ran the fed -- we're talking about alan greenspan. he coined the term rational exubera and. -- rational exuberance. he has just written a book about bubbles. that is not his concern. >> i am more concerned about the fundamentals. >> of the overall economy? >> exactly. then i am about the state of euphoria. what iso you say that? the red light on your radar that you are concerned about? >> first of all, profits have been rising. is, a share of national income has been rising to levels which cannot persist. slowdown inven a the rate of increase in the share of profits, that in and of itself slows the growth in earning and eventually slows the expectations for future earnings. that is one. the main issue is interest rates. i have written in the book that i published two weeks ago -- it is very difficult for me to see that we are not on the edge of a significant rise in long-term rates. i do not know when that is. i do kno
Dec 6, 2013 12:00pm EST
take a look at the menu. an economy jobs report, wall street can dance. hiring is up and so is stocks. we will go inside ebay today and find out how the auction site ashley is all it top talent. politics? budget? d-day is upon us and congress does not know if they will be able to make the deadline. wet is next week. in sports, are told about the nike deal. an exclusive interview. finally, bottoms up. we will learn how to taste a $2000 bottle of whiskey. let's get to the economy in the november jobs report. new jobs, 200-3000 knitted. the unemployment rate is down to a five-year low. >> this month came in at 7.023%. point/10 of a percentage below a six handle. the fed has been talking about exploit five percent and that is their threshold. we are getting awfully close to will not only spark taper talk but also a lot people out there that the job market is getting better. if they see in december we fall to a six percent number. so a jobs report that causes the fed to taper talk a little sooner. you might think that would freak out wall street. not the case. stocks are rising today. it i
Dec 4, 2013 9:00pm EST
of the real economy and not just the few. but it's not over yet. -- >> it's not over yet. other banks are actually holding out for something better. i cap actually withdrew from the libor settlement. it's not just libor. there are plenty of investigations of benchmark rate, foreign exchange, gold, oil -- take your pick. if it's a market, they might be playing with it. and speaking of oil, that brings us to cartel number two. this one is not illegal. more like an internationally accepted one. of course, we are talking about opec. 12 members and at least eight of them showed up at a meeting this week in vienna. they meet twice a year to decide how much crude to pump out. today, the ministers decided to keep the crude output target unchanged. the maya -- kumbyh? not exactly. >> you have all these countries like iraq, libya, and iran saying we will export all this oil out into the world. he is like, that is not going to happen. there are so many issues preventing that supply coming across. there will be a day of reckoning for saudi arabia windows barrels, line. it is not there yet. >> ira
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4